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CONTEST: Scifiathalon 2016 - Star Trek vs Star Wars!

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Synaesthesia polycounter
Hey guys!

The two great heavyweights of space are back, so let's get together for some fun with a Star Trek vs Star Wars art competition :smiley: 

Get ready for... SCIFIATHLON 2016!

We'll be judging art in several categories: Environments, Vehicles, Weapons, and Characters. Team entries are allowed and will be judged against other team entries in their respective categories.

The contest will officially begin on December 26th, and prizes will be announced on the day the contest begins. It will run for 6 weeks, and a competition trial will be available in case you don't own a copy :smile: 

We'll run the competition in the Quixel Tools Group: you can create your own threads already, where you can introduce yourself and start posting references and inspiration, starting NOW! :smiley: 

This is all about having some fun with the new tools as a community, so let's make this an enjoyable experience together!

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