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Quixel Suite 2.0.3 is OUT NOW!

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Synaesthesia polycounter

2.0.3 is here! :smiley: 

We've got lots of fixes this time around, with RenderMan and Maxwell export targets too! All new Smart Materials and... 

The much awaited Reimporter! Fire up your copy of Quixel Suite 2.0 and grab it all now!

- Now Including: the Reimporter
- Added RenderMan (PxrDisney) export target
- Added Maxwell export target
- Improved Octane sRGB export target
- Added 5 new Porcelain Smart Materials
- Added support for setting Preview Resolution
- Added support for re-rendering project at current and full resolution
- Fixed bug where 3DO would open as empty, halting projects from being created
- Fixed bug where exiting color painting would result in a brighter color than painted
- Fixed bug where Material Browser would exceed screen dimensions
- Fixed bug where some meshes would not be paintable
- Fixed bugs when canceling mask paint mode in non-PBR mode
- Improved Water Droplet Material (now has more channels)
- Updated patterned cotton Smart Material values for Metalness workflow
- Improved all rust material layers in Smart Material library
- Fixed color picker bugs
- Minor additional bug fixes

Also, please consider joining 3,000 fellow artists in our quickly growing Facebook user groups! Get early builds, live support and of course, constant art injections! :smiley: 

Quixel Tools Group: 
Quixel Live Support: https://www.facebook.com/groups/QuixelLiveSupport/

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