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Warframe Tennogen Contest Winners

For just under a month some extraordinarily talented Tenno have been working hard to design a new wave of customizations for Warframe, all thanks to Polycount's Warframe Tennogen Contest. Artists around the world were given a chance to design unique helmet and weapon skins to appear in our Steam Workshop, earning themselves a permanent place in Warframe's Market and a cut of revenue from each customization sold!

The submissions were absolutely incredible and after a grueling selection process we're proud to announce the winners of Polycount's Warframe Tennogen Contest. Please note that up to 14 winners were selected from our pool of submissions as per contest judging rules, leaving two of our Tennogen categories without winners.

Winning Mag submissions:

· Mag Anthro Helmet, Pior

· Mag Toroidal Helmet, Prosetisen

· Induction Mag Helmet, Pior

Winning Excalibur submissions:

· Arturius Excalibur Helmet, Kaz

· Ogrant Excalibur Helmet, Quanghuyn

· Isurus Excalibur Helmet, Coridum

Winning Volt submissions:

· Thales Volt Helm, Arsenal

· Arrester Volt Helm, Rekkou_109

· Relay Volt Helm, Despicablcheese

Winning weapon submissions:

· Infested Skana, Blob_Monster

· Jat Kittag Noxious Hammer, Clyptic

· Claymire Galatine Skin, Novabjorn

As a reminder these unique skins will be implemented in an upcoming Tenno Reinforcements before the end of December, and will be available for purchase through Warframe's Steam Workshop page. Congratulations to all of our winners, and a tremendous thank you goes out to every artist that submitted their work.

For more opportunities to design unique customizations for Warframe please visit our Steam Workshop page here.


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