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Small Apartment

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PaxTerra polycounter lvl 8
Hello everyone!

I graduated from my school about half a year ago and sadly realised too late what it was I really wanted to do. :)

I'm currently trying out environmental art and have thus tried to create this small apartment as a way to learn how to create something 'normal' in difference to something sci-fi or fantasy. I'm currently looking for feedback right now to try to take this as far as I can. Be honest and constructive please. Don't hold anything back. Do note that this is a WIP and some assets don't have textures. The engine is UE4.


  • Cglewis
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    Cglewis polycounter lvl 12
    Hey man!
    Overall im diggin this but i think you can push it more, in terms of lighting. Also there are some shadows that feel out of place, example in the first image you see where the window is and where light is coming from but you see the shadow for the hanging lamp.

    also you have some UV issues on the inside door frame  and i think on some counter corners in the kitchen.

    If your going for arch vis i would want you to push your materials 

    if this is for games i think the lighting needs to be more dramatic and you should add little details to make this room feel lived in

    but its a great start man, keep it up!
  • PaxTerra
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    PaxTerra polycounter lvl 8
    Thanks for the feedback, Tyler. I'm aiming for game environments so I will definately push my lighting much better than it is now. I will also check on all my assets as I get closer to the end and fix the errors as well as the shadows. :)
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