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Sketchbook: Scott Delorme

New to the whole forum thing, just going to drop my art on here every so often! Hope you enjoy.
Recently finished my first UE4 game environment. Modeled in Maya and Zbrush. Textures+Materials authored in Substance Designer and UE4.


  • SDelorme2113
    Quick personal project / fan art. UE4 game environment inspired by the board game Kingdom Death:Monster. Used the started dust particles and the grass was from an open world kit, I just changed up the colors for the setting. I modeled and textured the rest of the assets.
    I boosted the levels in all the screenshots, the actual lighting is much darker. I attached a lantern and light to the FirstPerson character, it gave it a more 'horror' feel.

  • SDelorme2113
    Quick project - Made some game assets based on a D&D/Pathfinder character I made.

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