Solved: Issue with edge masking

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huffer greentooth
Hello, I'm having a bit of a trouble, when I try to use one of the masks for edge wear in 2.0, there are some issues on rounded objects, that were never there in 1.8.

Here's what I'm talking about:

I can't find a good preset that gives me straight edge wear (straight running along the low poly edges)...and I can't pinpoint what the issue could be. I made sure to modify my normal map and AO so the baked edges are perfectly straight to begin with, and indeed, in 1.8 everything works as expected, but in 2.0 I keep getting these rounded things ..looks like a weird projection issue. I tried only importing normal and AO, but the issue is still there...could it be because of the 3do-generated curvature map?

Nevermind, it was because bake in 3do was on for the curvature, it has to be on the default setting (generated from normal).


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