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[Undertale FAN-ART] Asriel Dreemurr 3D Model

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Thessera vertex
I started to learn 3D in 2014, so i'm still a newbie.. sry.. ... so it's a bit embarrassing to show this ..
 i would like some feedback.. if my skills are terrible bad considering the fact i been working with 3D for a  whole year now.  How bad is it? xD

Undertale/Asriel Dreemurr © Toby Fox


  • shadacer
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    shadacer polycounter lvl 6
    Not too bad, I think you caught the general shape pretty well considering you had a sprite as reference. One thing I can see, is that maybe his extended  jaw is actual geo - from this render it looks more like a texture.

    Polycount feedback fills you with determination
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