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Quick-tip/tek: Unilateral Subdivision (Maya)

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Hey guys, I'm new (Thom/games student at Gnomon), and I'd like to get more involved but feel like I don't often have a ton to contribute: I'd like to start posting more, and we learned this great quick-tip from Nick Reynolds in class last night that I thought was too good not to pass on. Hopefully this is all properly in the right sub-forum, and hopefully I won't get sued by Gnomon for passing on some of our precious proprietary modeling secrets or whatever.

So if you’re anything like me, this comes up like once a day: you’re working on something cylindrical-ish, and trying to stay low, but find half way through that you’re faceting is just too pronounced along the main axis. What to do…!

Options: insert edge loop? Crappy: insert-with-edge flow is only enabled for free-hand placement, and no matter how you do it, you’ll still be clicking around the entire mesh manually. Smooth the entire mesh, then delete every other lateral edge? I’ve seen people do this sometimes: it’s super tedious, and it will break anything you've got on the grid, as well as kill any sharp corners you have unless you go through and crease them first, which is also a bunch of baloney.

Connect components for the win - a simple trick, but super handy! Check it out:

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