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In-progress: How Does Opacity Work in Quixel Suite?

So I want to render a scene in Quixel Suite (3DO). Within this scene is a tree which obviously has branches which are made up of many planes with a transparent texture assigned to it.

I have absolutely no issues achieving this effect in both Maya and Marmoset (Images attached). However I'm getting some problems with applying transparency to these planes in Quixel (Images attached).

You might be asking, "Why not just render the scene in Marmoset?"

And a fair question that would be. But it's my personal opinion that I think Quixel Suite does a much better job of rendering small scenes than Marmoset, and I'd rather try and fix this problem and get a greater result then simply doing it in Marmoset and not being 100% happy with the result; plus I learn how to use this awesome piece of software a bit better this way. 

I can tell there is SOME opacity in the works from the images I've attached; I can see the many layers of leaves from certain angels but you can clearly see the meshes surrounding the tree.

If I am correct here Quixel uses black information to register transparency. Now I tried several methods of trying to get the result I want but ultimately got different ones each time, none of which where what I got from Maya and Marmoset. I tried attaching a texture with a black background to my Opacity Map, one with a white and one without either. I then though that maybe one of my other maps was interfering so I tried just using an Albedo and Opacity, but still no dice.

I'm stumped here and have no clue on how to fix this. Hope someone can help.


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