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Sci-fi corridor, habitat and base

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What needs to be created?

I need a creative and imaginative sci-fi environment artist to help build the main starting base for the player.

More specific

Lets focus on a simple modular hallway corridor.
Characteristics and properties of this corridor could be either shiny or used, damaged or new, what's important is that it looks as real and functional as possible (its a "real" place).

What is the project?

I am doing a realistic looking VR game that needs showcase assets for a Kickstarter campaign. If successful future paid employment are guaranteed. The game is an underwater exploration and base building game.
Depending on what fraction you choose to collaborate with different types of design will be available so the corridor will also depend on this. Therefore the type of your design will just be matched on the fraction therefore I urge you to choose what you think is your strongest design feature. Some has an eye for the dark, used and chipped away hard-surface modelling and if that's your thing bring it on. If you are into fine organic lines flowing natural around soft corners or something completely different please go ahead.

Send me a PM or email if this sounds like something for you. Thanks.

Pictures serve for inspiration and are only references for inspiration - all credit goes to the individual artists.

The base will contains various parts like sleeping areas, labs and research facilities, control rooms etc.

Different designs for different part of the base or who you are collaborating with within the game

perhaps a sleek design as well

inside of an atomic submarine

I am aiming above these great images for realism and details, however, all in due time. But the final game should blow everyone away :)

Hope to here from YOU :)

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subject: "Sci-fi Game Artist"

Best regards
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