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Unity 5 Dungeon VR

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JS_Morgan polycounter lvl 5

 Hey guys me and my wife have been working on a modular Dungeon Scene in Unity 5 to learn more about the Engine.  We would love to get some feedback and wrack the the hive minds brain ! 

 The plan was to create a VR environment to showcase are work in VR, we have tested with the cardboard but due to the weight of the project will probably suit the Oculus.  I will optomise as and when for now its more about the visuals.

Modo 901, 3DSmax, Zbrush 4r7, Substance Painter.

 :) Thanks

Prof of concept

Modular Modo assets

Android cardboard testing :)

Hallway construction

Wall texture Zbrush

Floor texture ZBrush Rendered in Marmoset

Barrel Substance Painter

Enemy Skeleton Warrior will have sword and shield (Ray HH)

Old Chair Prop


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