Quixel Suite 2.02 is released!

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Changelog from Teddy:

Hi everyone! 2.0.2 is now available for direct download. :smiley: 

The biggest focus here is on stability, we've tried to fix every crash that's been reported these past few days, but this build also includes a whole lot of Smart Material updates. The full changelog below!

- Added 3 new painted cast iron Smart Materials
- Added 4 new polymer Smart Materials
- Added 6 new Bakelite Smart Materials
- Added bump values to all painted woods, concretes and metals
- Improved leather, bronze, brass and galvanized steel Smart Materials
- Improved scratches on scratched tarnished Smart Materials
- Reduced repetitive details on certain Smart Materials
- Added Octane (sRGB) export target (for Specular workflows)
- Pressing F now focuses and fits mesh to screen without resetting rotation
- Fixed AssImp error message when importing meshes
- Fixed 3DO resolution error on startup
- Fixed WinTab Context error in 3DO
- Fixed Undo toggle and number of Undos not persistent across sessions
- Added new file browsers in 3DO
- Fixed file browsing crashes in 3DO
- Fixed bug where meshes would become inflated
- Hovering material now shows material path
- Fixed bug where DDO UI would not load after flattening project
- Fixed bug in Dynamask editor where tweaking scale would not update 3DO
- Fixed bug where the DDO UI not would not show on screen
- Fixed bug where source PSDs loaded as white in Toolbag 2
- Attempted fix for issue where the Suite sometimes started behind Photoshop
- Fixed bug where default file name wasn't updated correctly for saved bakes
- Set initial directory for Bakes / Renders
- Fixed camera rotation speed for when "light spin" is turned on
- Fixed various orthographic view bugs
- Added warning when loading invalid mesh group names
- Fixed Smart Material thumb minor offset bug
- Fixed metalness values for tempered steel Smart Materials
- Prevented rare memory leaks in 3DO
- Fixed bug where Arnold and Blender Cycles presets always exported maps as TIFF


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