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[Online RPG Fantasy Project] Searching for Interested Hand-Painted 3D Artists.

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Introduction about the game
Magenda is a 3rd person Online RPG, which will take place in an unexplored world full of adventures, quests and uncharted parts. You will have the ability to select between races and classes, build your player’s skills and abilities as the game progress goes along. We’re offering a an interesting world that’s almost without limits of exploration, which means you will be able to enter almost every tavern, and house you can find around the world, even though sometimes you can be an unwanted guest, which leaves you with nothing but trouble.

You will be able to chose between different characters which you can later on customize with different gear and outfits through inventory. Unfortunately you won’t be able to create from scratch, but select from pre-made basic characters that are different races. Each race will have a male and a female option. You will be offered with a basic selection of gear and outfits at the beginning of the game, as you progress through, you will be able to unlock more advanced outfits & gears that also provide more protection against weapons and magic. Each class will have it’s set of gear, and each race will have it’s set of outfits.

About us
We're a small indie development studio, that's trying to create a different RPG, unlike all the similar ones that are already released, we have 8 - 9 members in the team, however we're mostly collaborating with artists that come and go, which is okay as long as they live a visible progress, and their work is rewarded. We are aware of the risk of failing, but since this is a bigger project, the risk is obviously bigger. But myself the founder of this project am willing to take the risk, as well as the team that's been with me since the beginning.

What are we looking for?
Qualified 3D-Artists that will help us, by contributing their work (Environment Models & Character Models), you will be credited with everything you create, some of the art will have to be created without the basic concept art, as we do not have resources to draw every single model that's going to be in the open-world game.

Requirements to fill the position
• Able to collaborate with other artists in order to achieve the goal at it's best.
• Must be able to do hand-painted texturing on the models that are made.
• Low-Polygon knowledge required to make the models we're looking for.

*OPTIONAL* • Rigging characters & creatures.

Example low-poly character

Model created by Big-Wig Animation Studios

Concept Art

Concept Art created by Juliette Combier

Contact Information
Skype:  nejc.drobnic1
Email: [email protected]
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