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How to texture tree into maya

Hello Please anyone help me in how to texture tree and their branches.  When i am texturing it i can see seam between tree and the branch. 
Please have a look on below attached image. (Area marked with red circles)

I use maya 2012 Please help me out with some tutorials. I am not very experienced into texturing just a beginner 


  • Eric Chadwick
    How is this tree being textured?

    Most game trees use a tiled texture for the bark, so there will usually be seams at the junctions. You can reduce these, if you adjust the UVs for the branch, so the bottom lines up with part of the trunk uv. But that's not easy.

    You can cover the larger seams with detail meshes, like ivy or moss.

    If you have the budget for multi texturing, then you could blend another texture at the seams, but that also requires a 2nd set of uvs, which increases the vertex count.

    Or you could use alpha blending to fade the branch over top the trunk, but that is also expensive.

    Usually games don't worry about the seams.

    We have some more info here on our wiki about making game trees
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