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Creating independant dust/grunge on my floor and objects [maya/max/zB]

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another caveman polycounter lvl 7
Hey there,

I am currently working on an interior scene, and I would like to have this level of details when it comes to the dust and dirty floor.

I first thought I could get it with a displacement map [indeed, I can, but then it's gonna be a very long way and take a lot of RAM to duplicate it]

I think the best way would be to paint it with some special brush that pops my dirty mesh and just repeats it, like for an Alpha brush from Zbrush
Is it possible to do it straight from Maya ? [or Max?]
I guess the zBrush way would be to create an IMM ? 'insert multi mesh' and paint it, export the dirt mesh and import it back in maya?


artwork by Cornelius Hammrich


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