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Open World Sci-Fi RPG - Programmer seeking artist

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About me

I'm not a company, I don't pretend to be one, nor do I pretend to be exceptionally experienced. What I am however, is a passionate game developer. I'm currently a 23 year old student making my way through University, currently doing my Industrial placement year before resuming my studies next September, and developing games is my life. I love it. So much so when I get home from work (where I develop games) I resume work on my home-project, or rather this project. 

 Why am I working on this project? Simple. For fun. I enjoyed playing a similar game years ago with friends, and we all would like to see it come back, but in our (what we believe to be) better vision. It is also a way for me to learn advanced techniques styles for programming, and also someone said I should give up so of course I'm going to strive for a finished project!

About the Project

The game itself is set ~200 years in the future. Humanity has recently began colonizing other star systems, having discovered FTL technology. The actual lore has yet to be fully decided upon, but thats the basis. The idea is to allow the players the maximum freedom possible. To give the players the option to quite literally do as they please in the game. 

The game setting/style is FPS with third person optional. The player(s) will walk around space ships, small and large, and be able to visit every inch of the ship - in contrast to some titles as Star Trek Online where only select rooms are available. Travel throughout the ship would also be seamless - go up an elevator and you are there instantly. No loading screen. Similarly it is intended to be the same with regards to planet-to-space and vice versa.

 The game is heavily inspired by "Star Quest Online" in terms of the general idea, a game that has for several years now been shut down. The main difference is that there will be more advanced features included with the game.

 To make the game, I'm using the Unity Engine (3D) as it is the one I have the most experience in and feel most comfortable, it also has a wide-range of assets to use to help improve the game. I am working on this project as (so far) the sole-programmer, and collaborate with several old friends who also used to play the game with me to design (or rather redesign) it such as lore, races, features, ships etc.


  Who is needed?

 In order for the project to be realized, a 3D Graphics Artist who can also texture (and possibly animate) is needed. Without this, the project may not go further than programmer art. As mentioned, the players will be able to walk through the ships they own, rent or help crew with their friends (or strangers), as such the ability to create an exterior 3D ship model and texture it is equally as important as being able to mimic that shape, feel and theme/style on the inside whilst allowing the player to seamless travel between the different floors (IE each floor will need to be one model/export to be assembled in Unity).

 The models can be as extravagant or simplistic as you wish, there will likely be 3-5 key races each with their own unique style, so most styles will likely fit into at least one of them, so have fun and go wild. Though for the initial stages of the project, I may specifically request certain styles to get the game going/have something basic to start with and assist with programming etc (such as specifically requesting starter ships etc). Also designs will need to be agreed upon, generally by everyone helping with the project (including you) but in the hopefully rare cases we can't all agree, then just between us!

 If you can also do 2D art (such as UIs) then thats a bonus!


 Ultimately, the aim of the project is to have fun making and designing something with a group of other people passionate about the game, or games in general. Whether it goes anywhere is another matter, but my aim is to enjoy making it, and learn a lot of new techniques to finish this project.

 As mentioned, your input will be equally valued with everyone elses, you can help design key aspects of the game, suggest features/changes to the game you think would improve it (also depending on whether I believe I can successfully implement these ideas well enough!)

 Any questions about me, the game/project, or my group feel free to message me! I'd be happy to answer! :) 
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