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[Royalty] Touch Out ! Indie brawler looking for 3d artist (short)

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You’re a kickass artist and are available in the next couple of months? Touch Out (working title) needs you! :smile: 

Platform: mobile (iOS, Android), using Unity
Genre: simple arcade brawler
Theme: wacky boxing
Existing Team: 1 core (dev/designer/producer), 6 supports (VFX, UI, Audio, Environment)
Opening: 1 artist (concepts, characters & animation)
Time: 2 months (max) for the first contents batch

These blocky guys want cool fancy graphics all over'em~ (close-up screenshot)

I’m an indie dev who’s been in the industry for about 10 years (dev & producer). I am currently looking for 3d artist(s) to complete the project core and share its revenue. The job consists in producing 3d characters & animations. It can also to other domains if you feel like it (UI, VFX…). 

- Having a cool portfolio with 3d models & animations :-)
- Being available for the next couple of months (part time or full)
- English/French/Korean language and frequent access to the dev tools (Bitbucket, Google Drive, Slack)

The game is a simple top-down 1vs1 brawler with controls thought for mobile (no virtual joystick non-sense), aiming to give a vibe of Zelda for DS. There are plenty of whacky characters to collect, throwing Fire cyclone hooks and Laser flicker jabs around! :smiley: 

In an attempt to keep the costs down and keep the project under feasible line, I’ve been preparing the game mechanics and potential art style inspirations to a flexible core. 

Some of the potential references:


-       Low poly – Invisible Inc., Zelda DS, Virtua Fighter…

-       Voxel – Crossy Road (with animations)

These are open proposition, and any art style could be discussed as long it looks doable. Technical details can be discussed privately :)

Interested? Wanna know more about it? Shoot an email to fabula.leonis (AT) gmail.com, a tweet @fabulaleonis, or just a PM here.

Talk to you soon ! :)



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