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[AMG]Toby vertex

Senior 3D Artist, working at Antimatter Games at our offices in Falmouth, United Kingdom.

Antimatter Games is a dynamic, fast-growing studio currently seeking a Senior Artist with experience of providing support and leadership to other artists to work with our skilled, passionate art team to create exciting, beautiful video games, starting with our currently in-development project Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, the sequel to the original Rising Storm which was PC Gamer’s 2013 Multiplayer Game of the Year.


You’ll be an artist with studio based industry experience at a production level, seeking to build upon your experience by increasing the management/support aspects of your next role with the practical application of your own skills. This is a senior role, which requires leadership ability and technical expertise to work with our already experienced 3D art team to define a core vision and forge greater success with a view to growing into Art Leadership.


Based in our Cornwall, UK offices, our Senior Artist will be responsible for the overall artistic quality of our games, working with artists and level designers to ensure that our games look and feel as good as they possibly can. We envisage that the right candidate will be seeking an opportunity to grow within this role into our leadership group.


Where appropriate, you will create certain key assets, but more importantly you will shape our overall creative and technical direction of our art whilst feeding back to other artists and our production department.


This is a great opportunity for an already experienced 3D artist to take a supervisory role in the growth of an exciting young studio, and to forge a talented team into a cohesive, effective unit under their leadership.


Duties and Responsibilities

·         Developing and exemplifying art style for various internal and external video game projects;

·         Creating new art workflows and ensuring the running of consistent, effective art pipeline policies;

·         Working with the art team to create strong character, object and environment art, and overseeing the consistency of all our 3D art output across the department;

·         Creating key assets in part or in full, as appropriate;

·         Ensuring that the art team hit deadlines and work together to make AMG’s games look as good as they can.


Required Skills & Attributes

·         Experience working on the 3D Art of multiple published video game titles;

·         Demonstrable experience with team leadership and seniority, particularly organising and motivating staff;

·         Past professional experience as a senior 3D artist in games;

·         Exceptional understanding of current 3D art techniques and practices, and the ability to quickly and efficiently communicate these to a team in an adaptable, straightforward way;

·         Superlative communication and interpersonal skills, particularly when giving feedback and notes on how to improve and implement artwork;

·         Mastery of 3DS Max, Photoshop and/or equivalent art development software, with the ability to pass this knowledge on to others.

·         Proven skill with planning, structuring, and scoping your work and the work of other artists.


Beneficial Skills

·         Creative flair and ability to create concept art in a variety of styles, or other means of communicating visual ideas to others quickly and effectively;

·         Experience dealing with outside clients and their needs as part of the creative process, particularly experience working in outsourcing;

·         Up-to-date awareness of next-generation graphics pipelines and new processes for creating impressively high quality visual experiences.

·         Strong understanding of JIRA and Agile software management practices;

·         Special focus on strong environment art and environmental design;

·         Experience with projects using Unreal Engine.


This position is an exciting and unique opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful, idyllic places in the UK – where the cost of living is relatively low – and help lead an already talented team to greater success.


Rate of pay will be commensurate with experience.


If the idea of taking on a major, leading role at a growing company with a view to contributing to an exciting and well-developed team is something which appeals to you please apply via the link provided.

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