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Tree library recommendation (3d scanned?)

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rmercier polycounter lvl 4
Hello, I'm looking for high quality tree assets for a small scene where performance is not so much of an issue.

Something like this:
Quixel Megascan Jungle
Star wars Battlefront - Endor's moon
I do not want to make a huge open world forest like this one:
Unreal Engine 4 - Open Jungle DirectX 12 Demo

I've looked at xfrog, Plant Factory, Onyx and Speedtree. All of this stuff is primarily for archviz and Speedtree seems to be the only solution with a focus on realtime. (is it?)
Apart from Quixel's Megascans which may not be available before a few more months, is there any library out there with good normal/displacement maps for tessellation? i.e. not made in crazybump but baked from real geometry, either from zbrush or 3d scans.


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