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[VideoGame] Adventure of Pill's Effect LOOKING FOR ARTIST

Hello Guys!!!!

I'm MMejia Developer.
Currently I'm working in a project called Adventure of Pill's Effect.
This is a videogame MegamanX-MarioBros style.
The game progress are in 75%. But what do I want?
I need an artist to be able to make, the intro and ending of the game.
No, you wont write it, intro and ending are already done.
What the artist need to do?
You'll have to make beautiful images to represent the text the player will read.
Simple huh?
If you don't understand what I'm meaning for take a look to this video.


There's some more images the game would maybe need, not only intro and ending.
Anyway what is the reward for this? You'll have your credit, I mean your name will appear as this game developer and your job done.

You may want to see something. I guess you ask yourself: "What am I to work for If I can see a sample what this man is talking about".
Don't worry here's are some videos I made before where you can check how the game is.

Some samples:

Frozen Grounds : Second Level


The Hell : Last level


Here's something more exciting
The true hero : Final boss phase 1 and 2  


Haven't uploaded more content to Internet because I've been busy working on it.
If you want to see all levels and all bosses visit this link


So if you want to help with your art drawings skills feel free to send me PM or email me to 
[email protected]

PD: I'm not a company. I'm single developer working hard on this project!
See ya round!!!


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