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new texture pack: 1000+ free textures

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Hope you guys don't mind another thread about this but I've just released a new pack of 1000 free textures on Gumroad. https://gum.co/1032

It's also available on Cubebrush https://cubebrush.co/joost/products/585

You can view some samples here http://imgur.com/a/BOQZm

I've tried to really raise the bar for this new pack and I think there's some great textures in there. 
It's not ideal to keep releasing packs like this so I am going to have to figure out a better way to share them at some point. 

 I quit my full time studio job 2 month ago so I could start doing a mix of freelance work and texture photography. Donations are always appreciated, as they enable me to take on less freelance contracts and spend more time on textures,HDRIs and various gear upgrades. I upgraded my old Canon 550d to a Nikon d750 and it has truly enabled me to step up my game. The high ISO performance and fast focusing really help with texture photography. As well as the 6 extra megapixels. 
 No more blurry textures or wonky perspectives and all textures are color calibrated. 


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