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Seeking all talents for rogue-like strategy game similar to FTL.

We are on the lookout for talented individuals who are passionate about making games to join our team and help bring our interesting twist of the FTL genre to the next milestone and beyond.

 In a nutshell, We are developing a game which has very similar mechanics to FTL (Faster Than Light), except instead of controling a spaceship's different compartmements, you manage a single celled organsim and it's organelles. I can give you more details about the project one on one, but I do not wish to release the exact game concept here. The project is currently under independent development by a few very passionate developers of the genre who wish to make the game they’ve always wanted to play. 

Most demanded positions: 

Client Programmers (C#): Must have a strong understanding of Unity's game engine and development using C#. GUI experience is a plus! 

Visual Effects Artist: Creates high quality visual effects, both in appearance and in performance. Collaborates with other team members to create beautiful effects in the game world and create feelings of awe in the players. 

3D Modelers: We have a lot of 3D assets in need of creation, ranging from protein granzymes and cell organelles.

3D Animators: We need an animator who can animate simple organic morphing and molecular movement animations. 

2D Artists: We have lots of work to do in the areas of GUI Elements, Inventory Icons, Texturing/UV Mapping, Concept Art, etc.

Marketing, Social Media Expert, PR Specialist. We need talented marketers to help create a community/fanbase for the game.

All Team Members: Must be fluent in spoken and written English. Must be able to contribute roughly 10 hours per week to the project.

Our team works with a revenue-share model. We will establish a contract assuring you a piece of the pie at the game's release. Our much preferred form of communication is Skype. :)

Contact: Shoot an email to [email protected] or PM me including some basic information about yourself and your Skype. An attached portfolio is recommended.

Thank you for your time and for reading, Hope to get in touch! :D

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