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Am I getting this right? [PBR Texturing]


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    For starters, judging from your renders, your materials may not be set up correctly and I would recommend using a realtime viewer like Marmoset Toolbag.

    Those metal sections do not look accurate. For your metal pieces, make sure to always use a full white color on your metalness map. The plastic sections should not have any metalness value at all. It is rare that you'll ever need to use a gray color (a color that's not full white or black) on your metalness texture.

    It is actually quite difficult to understand what that black surface is supposed to be, along with those scratches or abrasions. Try taking some of that detail out of your albedo map and let your other textures do the heavy lifting. It would be great to see what reference you are using.

    There is also quite a distinct drop off in texel density on those plastic sections. Make sure your UVs are scaled uniformly.

    It looks like you have some major normal map baking issues going on, as well as smoothing group issues. Check out this great thread: http://polycount.com/discussion/81154/understanding-averaged-normals-and-ray-projection-who-put-waviness-in-my-normal-map#latest

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