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[Alt Helmet] - Excalibur - Interfector

I was looking at all the amazing work coming out of this competition and while I may be lacking a little exp when it comes to zbrush, I really wanted to give it a crack. Late to the party, not sure if I'll get this done but I thought hey why not, its good fun and practice! :smile: 
This was my sketch over a rough out of the helmet I wanted to make. Really liked that angular jaw made by the fins - ends up looking a bit like mandibles. 

This was the first rough out stage I had just trying to nail down the profile and front. As well as suggest details on the under side. Wasn't sure what to do around the horn and top of the head during concept (side with 3 sets of horns front with 1 set) so Ieft that choice up to myself during rough out.
Added a lotus design to the top also making to contours from the side pic.

Tried roughly create the design from the concept but I wasn't sure about the mandibles hanging from the sides or the fabric bunched between the 3 front eyes, so I iterated on these and the horns also...
From this I much prefer the solid material between the eyes but I am uncertain of the horns and the mandibles now blending to the main shell.

I'm really having fun and would love to get feedback and help for this as I push to get this done in time, otherwise its all good fun ;)


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