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Maya rendering: NPR stylized cel shading

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Streak Thunderstorm polycounter lvl 6
Hey. I'm working on my senior thesis at SVA and I was very interested in some NPR rendering.

There are tons of renderers that cater to photorealism like arnold but I've seen some cool art recently that I'd like to tap into.

I'm currently working on pic related but I have a certain look I am aiming for that I just can't seem to dissect. I've seen cool effects done in ShaderFX but I need to somehow construct my shader to work with Vray because I plan to composite the passes in Nuke.

My references that I am aiming for are as follows:


What I am basically trying to do is to have a highly light reactive cel shading look mixed with hand painted textures. Basically a mixture of the 2 videos. Would anyone with experience in writing advanced shaders in maya help out?


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