Maya 16: Graph Editor - Strange curve display / behaviour

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Dawsky polycounter lvl 5
Hi everyone, 

i just finished setting up keys for a characters walk cycle.
Now i want to refine the animation within the GE but one curve is acting all strange.
First of all, the curve is beneeth all other curves, where it shouldnt be, according to the actuall values.
I cant select it by draging a selection inbetween 2 keys, which usually should select the entire curve.
Only when draging a selection across the entire curve, it gets selected.
Further, changing tangent interpolation is not affecting this specific curve, yet all other curves behave as intended.   

Does anybody know where this comes from? 
Is this just maya 16 or is there something specific leading to this error?


Maya 16 SP 2
Windows 10

Thanks for any help


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