How do you generate a Vector Displacement Map without Mudbox or ZBrush?

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Hey guys,

Sorry if this has been answered before. Tried searching the forums but had a hard time finding relevant info for my question.

I'm playing around with using vector displacement maps with ShaderFX in Maya and getting nice results with a few examples. Now I'm trying to figure out how to generate these maps myself without using Mudbox or ZBrush preferably. I've tried baking Directional Maps from xNormal. It gives me normalized(?) vector data in RGB and height data in the Alpha channel.

The VDMs that ShaderFX expects seems to only use RGB and by the looks of it has vector length in the RGB channels as well(?).  I've tried just multiplying the vector data by the height data and using that, but does not work correctly. It's resembling the results I want, but it gets skewed and not entirely correct.

Anyone have any ideas or knowledge to share? Thanks.

This is the type of VDM I want to be able to create.


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