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Ahoy folks! A good friend and fellow student of mine (René Bulla) and my humble self (Nikolai Haidl) are currently working on a game project.

We try to find some time along study and work to get this project updated and done until beginning of our next semester.

“Rum Rage” is a “fast-paced, local multiplayer, beat-your-friends-up” whereby 2 to 4 players can play against each other on one PC.

You play a pirate, trying to get the last bottle of rum available on the ship. But because you're not the only pirate with the need for that bottle, you have to push your rivals off the deck or into traps placed around the level.

We want to share some of the art here, which we will produce along this adventure of game development!

Thereby René will do the main programming and implementation into the Unreal Engine 4 and work on the realization of 3D assets and the main character.

I will mainly focus on creating concept art and environment assets for our project.

Concept for the playable character:

And here is the current state for the uncustomized character:

We hope ye like what ye see so far, comments'n feedback are welcome on board!



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