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diffrence in displace map quality maya/max

Hi there,

i have 2 test shots for the same model/map. One rendered in maya one in max
these are the results with 1 sphere light source and basiv vraymtl



i cant figure out what causes the quality loss in 3ds...
someone have any idears?

my settings for max are identical to this (if u might ask)


  • zero389
    adddding this.

    I loaded the above mesh inside the test scene from cggallery made the same settings for displacment as in my current scene
    and it worked there???

    So there are some settings i cant find in the test scene from the accurate disp workflow...
    i compared the vray settings disp settings turbosmooth some properties lighting...couldnt find it.
    edit/: i saved the vray settings from the cgg scene and loaded that profil in my scene, without any diffrence. So its not affected by any vray settings..

    Anyone knows what is wrong in a new scene against the one from cggallery?

  • Shrike
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    Shrike interpolator
    Is it really quality loss or just less contrasted ? Have you checked the gamma setting in 3DS ? Never trust 3DS viewport with anything.
    The light in Maya looks clearly stronger, the displacement looks the same to me just less strong probably due to the lower light
  • oglu
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    oglu polycount lvl 666
    maybe the texture filtering?
  • zero389
    thx for the answers.
    i am test rendering again just to show u what it looks like in the scene from cggallery (both in 3ds max this time)
    i checked gamma correction in preferences in both scenes its 2,2
    texture isnt filtered or blured in both scenes but yes its true it realy looks blured because u can see the details already.

  • zero389

    maybe a little big :S.

    Well the first one is rendered in my comp / both are 3ds max rendered same basic material same displace settings
    Second is iimported in the cggallery test scene...

    its so weird and annoying...everyone is mentioning the displace settings and stuff but nothing about this problem ...

    any idears are welcome.

  • Shrike
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    Shrike interpolator
    cant you just increase strength of the map ?
  • zero389
    nope. the amount is exactly like the sculpt. Its an 32bit exr so i dont want to do that.

    Atm i just take the cggallery scene as i cant figure out whats wrong. There it works...
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