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MOON, 2009. 360 Room. UE4 Environment (University of Hertfordshire)

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Hey Guys I've been waiting for an opportunity to finally start a thread here as my lecturer 'Little Claude'  is always reminding me to do so :smiley: 
So, here's my first post and first foray into modeling, texturing and lighting a real time engine environment. This was a brief I did for a 2nd year project called "360 Room". The task was to recreate a scene from a movie and I chose Moon, 2009 and then at some point put everyone's rooms into a VR experience where you can jump from one environment to the next.

I had an immensley fun time creating this project however there are areas I am aware of that need improvement especially in terms of 'Lack of beveling' and working on my lightmap UVs a lot more and implementing a lot more surface transfer/baking of which I have very little experience with and so avoided a lot of it in this scene.

All work was created in MODO, Substance Painter, Photoshop, UE4, by myself except for the decal logos which were kindly provided by Alex Clarke of Edge Case Games. And a lot of the inspiration for this peice came from the art director of MOON, Gavin Rothery.

Any comments and crit welcome. I aim to work on it more in the near future as time permits




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