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texture size and compression

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Looking for some input on texture size and compression. I'm finishing up my latest texture pack and I'm wondering whether it would be good to apply some jpg compression and reduce the texture size. 

The uncompressed jpgs range from 5-20 mb, mainly depending on the crop. 
a pack of 1000 textures would easily be 10gb, which is a pain to download for most people. 80% jpg compression reduces the file size by half and I can't see any visible quality reduction in a normal texture. Is that desirable? 

If I can set up a site I could easily host high res textures, but that's not in the immediate future. Any suggestions for that would be cool as well.

Uncropped texture size is ~6000x4000. Is that overkill for most people? what's would an ideal texture size be?

I am planning on splitting up the pack into multiple rars, by category. So that should alleviate some of the problems. But the total download size would still be very high.  

Here's a couple of samples of the upcoming pack if anyone's interested: http://imgur.com/a/BOQZm

Would appreciate some input :) 


  • Ramseus
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    Ramseus polycounter lvl 13
    10gb of everything under the sun is hard to swallow if you have no idea what you're downloading. What resolution are most of these? From textures.com I typically only ever get the minimum size to fill a 2048 canvas (sometimes don't mind it being slightly less). Have you tried heavily processing the compressed jpgs? The artifacts probably won't make a difference using the textures straight up for colour/albedo, but messing with the texture to like create masks and whatnot if there's jpg artifacts getting in the way it wouldn't be so good to work with.

    That said, those samples look pretty good, I wouldn't mind using my work internet to download 10gb if they're all that quality.
  • Shrike
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    Shrike interpolator
    JPG fucks up selections in photoshop, especially select color range which is an
    important tool, you often have to heavily process the textures to get them into a ready state, and as they are not tiling or anything, pretty much all will be processed. Then mix that with natural issues like shadows and lighting that need to be fixed through the same channels,
    I wouldnt recommend it

    Here is one of the jpgs you uploaded, it was 3 MB so it had probably high compression (re saving from photoshop 100% jpg gave 9 mb) but still , the re-save was pretty undistinguishable tho, just test it I guess

  • Joost
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    Joost polycount sponsor
    Thanks guys, I won't apply any jpg compression then. I'm not sure about the resolution but I hope people won't mind the big download. I've put in a lot of effort to make sure the quality is consistent, so I think this next pack will definitely be worth a download, regardless of the size.
    I'll have to figure out a good way to host these on a site soon, because I don't think I'll be able to release 10 more packs like this successfully. 
    @Shrike keep in mind that Imgur applies some pretty heavy compression. The actual texture would be much better.
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