strange ZBrush freeze subdivision levels problem

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weee polycounter lvl 3
just in the middle of a dynamesh modelling, somehow i found 'freeze subdivision levels' is turned on, when i click to turn off it gives some strange masked artifacts for god knows what reason, i tried zremesher it, same issue remained, see the screenshots, any way to get around this? cheers.

ps a side note, its an unsymmetrical model while I model with symmetry activated.




  • weee
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    weee polycounter lvl 3
    update, I reload that file again, strangely the freeze subdiv button's gone, now it kinda locks up the levels, I just can't subdiv the mesh anymore, instead I have higher res and lower res, but couldn't do anything else? I'm sure I've got similar problem before it's like a ghost comes and goes I never understand why and what causes that?

  • zungdo
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    zungdo null
    This is crazy problem, I am also having this problem, today. I clicked Divide (Ctr + D) and "Freeze SubDivison Levels" turn off.
  • musashidan
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    musashidan insane polycounter
    Both of you need to understand what freeze subdiv is:

    From Zbrush docs "Tool > Geometry > Freeze Subdivision Levels

    If you wish to change the topology of your model’s lowest subdivision level (the base mesh), enable the Freeze Subdivision Levels mode. When enabled, ZBrush will automatically store all subdivision levels and drop the model to the lowest subdivision level. You will now be able to safely make changes to the topology of the lowest level. For example, you can use DynaMesh or the Mesh Insert brushes. When you are done editing the base mesh, click Freeze Subdivision Level to turn it off. ZBrush will now return to the highest level and reproject the details from the previous topology. This mode is very similar to the import function of GoZ when it replaces existing topology with a new structure. However, there is no need to exit ZBrush or export and re-import your mesh. "

    It's for use on a mesh with multiple subdiv levels and is a really useful feature.

    @zungdo , of course you can't subdivide when freeze subdiv is active as your mesh is at the base level. You can only subdiv a mesh at its highest level. When you unfreeze ZB will project up to the highest level and then you can subdiv.
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