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Power Hover pseudo-low-poly indiegame about hover boarding robots[GREENLIT!]

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Hello Polycount!

Me and my friend formed a small game company: ODDROK about a month ago, here is our first game: POWER HOVER. It's a action game about hover boarding robots!

We are almost done with the game(submitting to app store as we speak, so to speak) so I think It's about time to share something on the Polycount as well, as I regularly lurk the forums and was more active few years back. 

Here's a short game play preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZYENPm8BV8

Game has this pseudo-low-poly look, I'm quite happy how it turned out. The idea was to create interesting and stylish look that could be pulled off by our one-man(me) graphics team. Result is this texture-less low poly style. Basically everything you see in the game is mapped on to a single 32x32 pixel texture, full of different color pixels, this enabled me to do assets quickly and it gave the game consistent and pretty cool art style. 

Game is running on Unity3D and it's a premium game(3.99) for iOS first, other platforms will follow shortly. 

What do you think?

Few shots:

check out Store page, game is coming out 10th january 2017!


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