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Does Marmoset videos have alpha?

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XFerginatorX polycounter lvl 4
I am trying to do a video in marmoset where it is just a simple 360 turn around but I want to remove the background and replace it with a callout sheet. I wasn't sure if marmoset can do that.I know I could just do the same video but replace it with white diffuse and just have 2 turnarounds but would take a bit longer and wasn't sure if marmoset 2 can have alpha channels. I'm going to use After Effects to place my callout sheet behind it. I'm trying to do a wireframe, shaded, and textured of some of my assets.

If anyone knows a good method, or if marmoset has alpha and how to enable it, that would be great and would really help.

P.S. slightly new to marmoset.


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