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Travis Lacey - Concept artist - Illustrator - Designer

Hello potential employer,

I'm currently open for work if you are of need of my skills. I'm a freelancer with a wide range of style and experience. Please contact me if your interested in working with me. You can e-mail me at TLaceyRavenseyestudios@gmail.com. I'm consistently checking my e-mail. So feel free to contact me any time. I will respond as promptly as possible. You may as well PM me via Polycount. Just know I may not be as fast to respond as e-mail.

You can view my portfolio/resume via my website. www.Ravenseyestudios.com as well as my art blog: http://ravenseyestudiostravislacey.blogspot.com/ for various art/design I've done.

If your interested in hiring me in house full time. Please contact me via my e-mail so we can further discuss employment. I look forward to speaking with you.

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