Ford Focus RS 500 HiPoly Renders & Unreal Engine 4 LowPoly Renders

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Hello everyone !

Here's a work in progress of one of my first 3d car. I couldn't get motivated enough to work on my lastest handpainted lowpoly project so I thought I would do something completely different to refresh my mind. :smile: 

I'm not much into cars IRL but I've always been amazed by 3D cars since it is something I find very challenging to do. I think it's a good way to improve your modelling and topology skills. I went through a lot of efforts and retry to model the HiRes, but in the end I'm pretty satisfied with the result, especially considering I had such garbage blueprints in the first place :blush: 

First, here's the HiRes images, modeled in Blender and rendered with Cycles.

Then I thought, well, why not try to do a low poly version and try UE4 for my first time as well. I first went with a very low poly version with all the car being just one mesh but I had just too much troubles baking the normals and I wasn't satisfied with the result at all.

So I did a second low poly version with much higher tricount (35K with the wheels and very basic interior) and was much more pleased with the bakes.

Normals + AO

Then UE4 renders. I'm still a noob at it so if you have any car materials/lighting tips to share, I would be glad !

Voilà :)
C&C are welcome as always !
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