ZBrush - Single IMM Brush Curve Function?

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Hey guys,

I've been trying to find any threads answering this problem but haven't found anything specific... so thought I'd just flat out ask here now.

In Zbrush, is there a function (I'm sure there is) where I can have a pre-made mesh follow a curve? kind of like the "Deform-To-Path" feature in 3ds max... where a single mesh will follow the curvature/rotation of a spline...

Every tutorial I've found on IMM Brushes/Curve Brushes only seem to cover the use of one mesh repeated along a spline instead of using one mesh stretched/skewed along a spline instead...

if anyone can answer me with either a tutorial to explain the basic mechanics on setting this feature up in a brush or generally giving me a pipeline that most artists use to do this would be soooo useful, thanks! (Y)

As for the example... I'm trying to have a pre-made detailed vine that I'll reuse to follow the surface of some rock platforms... so having this function would save me a lot of time.



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