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Demo Reel Critique!

polycounter lvl 4
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JamesGammans polycounter lvl 4
hey everyone, I was wondering if you guys could take a couple of minutes and watch my reel and comment what you think! Any feedback would be awesome!


  • 13randO
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    13randO polycounter lvl 3
    Well, I'm not the most experienced person to answer, but I would change the sword pull in the first piece in your reel. It seems like the swordsman slides it out of the target, as opposed to him pulling it out (which I assume pulling it out is what you were going for). I would also reconsider the last piece in your reel. It's not the strongest piece you have in your reel, and from what I gather; the ending and the beginning should have the most impact. Good work though overall, I especially like your walk cycle and death animation. Hope that helps!
  • cainy
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    cainy polycounter lvl 5
    Take out the boy run or make it good, atm its bouncing and popping all over the place. His body should go up upon lift off and go down after land (compressing the leg)
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