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Arena Announcer Animation

Hi everyone,
I just got through my first pass, and would like some feedback on this. I took the dialogue from an 11 Second Club competition from last year, but only just made the animation this year for fun. I just took my time with it and worked on it here and there over a period of time.



  • Hito
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    Hito interpolator
    Nice animation!

    At "... Finishes here..." I'd lag the hand impact a few frames behind the hips so they don't hit their respective poses at the same time. Also move the fist slightly at "here...", you got a small shift in the body there, so it doesn't look stuck to the table.
  • slipsius
    Good stuff. I would say when he says "and it finishes here", you have a weird arc in your body movement. Almost like it hits a wall. 

    Also, at the end. the last few seconds, I think you could use a few more eye darts. It looks like hes looking past the figures, rather than at them. 
  • MammothHunter
    Thank you for the feed back guys! Sorry I took so long, I have been very busy as of late, but I will definitely post a new pass on here in the near future.
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