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Hey kids,
I'm super stuck with the composition of this Undertale fanart and I'm about to throw in the towel.
I'd appreciate suggestions, critique, overpaints and probably also moral support, art is hard.
(If this topic happens to be in the wrong place feel free to tell me right away and I'll try to fix it, I'm a newbie.)

As it is now, Muffet (the spider girl) looks very stiff and weirdly posing. She's supposed to be delighted over the fact that she's going to have the protagonist for lunch, happily throwing around croissants and tea cups. I simply can't manage to bring that across in a more natural way.

In case things are difficult to understand about the image, here's a bit of an overview:
Muffet is pouring tea from the pot into the centre of the scene, getting the protagonist, who's right underneath the pot, in trouble. A couple of spiders are crawling from the foreground towards the centre, others are running down Muffet's body or hang from the ceiling. Muffet has a croissant in one of her left hands, more croissants and donuts will be flying through the air. The protagonist will be bound to the web by a couple strings as well. The entire scene is a tribute to the Undertale boss fight against Muffet.

Thanks a lot for your help, I really hope this piece isn't completely lost.
Best wishes,


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    Hey there.
    To me, what strikes the most is that you're going off model, and also the sense of scale.
    I've never seen that character before, but the original art clearly shows a different set of proportions with about 3 + 1/6th heads:

    If you set to draw this particular character then there's only one way to do it properly, in my opinion. You need to follow the original art by the book.

    A quick, no-cleanup humble (yes, art is hard!) example of that character in model would be something like this:

    Looking at this example again, the teeth are too far apart, and the perspective and gesture can be exagerated much more, bringing the tea-pot much closer to the foreground.
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