WWE: Battleworld Project (looking for a variety of disciplines)

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I am a developing a  WWE: Themed game similar to Marvel Vs. Capcom 2:

I am  a 3-D Artist and Game Designer with a variety of different disciplines: http://www.mrmauricejohnson.net

This is a unpaid project. Of course you will receive game credit and the completed demo will be presented to my sources at the offices of WWE at Full Sail University.

No guarantees that they will green lite the game for production, but the opportunity is there.  There is a contingency plan to re-skin the game with the same engine if they refuse the project. It will be a 2.5D game. The project has already been flushed out with game design documentation that will be made available to my team. I have already done the leg work in reaching out to WWE.
I am also looking for 2D character/ prop artists to help me with concept work. (Right now I am doing all the art) Even though the demo will on have 2 characters, there will be other characters included should the project be given the greenlight to be put into actual production in prototype phase.

I am looking for advanced character modelers/sculpters  that are also experts in creating clothing.

I need Animators to rig and create character animations for the 2 demo characters.( I am not an Animator.)

The work production for this project should be approximately 6-8 months maximum. (Probably overkill but I am shooting for quality or quantity since it's a small demo.) The final product will have an animated intro/title screen, working character selection screen, 2 characters, tag game play, 1 stage with super jump ability, and stage zooming.

The demo will be produced with Unity.

I will be Producing as well as helping the artists out particularly in the environment/props department, but I know enough disciplines that I will have my hands in a lot of stuff to get the demo ready.

If you are interested please shoot me a PM directly to my e-mail: [email protected] or through my website (http://www.mrmauricejohnson.net)

It also helps if you are a pro wrestling fan but not a requirement.

You can also work remote.

Serious inquiries only.
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