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Reil's Handpainted Textures

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Reil polycounter lvl 8
Ok I'm overcoming my fear of showing my far-from-perfect stuff and I'd like your critics and suggestion. I hope this will help me showing my 3D models more and more, while creating better pieces every time.
I'm going back to hand painted texture, I'm gonna post some old stuff (10 months old) and a new model I made yesterday (I had other 2-3 pieces but I wasn't satisfied with the final quality so .. I deleted them).

1st Hand Painted Texture, the model design was original and I followed the famous 3D Motive tutorial, but I spent many days doing it (never painted anything before).

2nd model, another personal design trying to learn how to paint wooden textures. 

And finally a bottle I made yesterday, design isn't original but I found a small picture on Pinterest. 
Question: is there a way to avoid seams in a non-tileable texture? I can notice where the painted part is cutting, especially on the main body of the bottle..
I think in here I could've improved the highlights and added more details.

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