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Composition in Level Design - tutorial / guide

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Hey guys,

I recently put together a PDF on Composition in Level Design and how it can help you. Was done for a lecture to be given in class, hopefully it can help some people here out too! It can be very text heavy at points but I've tried to keep most of it very brief and basic as there is a lot to cover.

You can download it for free here: https://gum.co/LReab

In the tutorial I cover thing's such as:
- What is composition
- Composition in games
- Environment composition
- Environment Elements composition
- Visual Feedback
- Composition layers
   - Foreground
   - Center of Interest
   - Background
- Positioning
- Balance
- Lines
- Colour
- Light
- Scale

You'll find you already do a lot of these things when you design your environments/game levels but hopefully reading this brings more of these things to your attention as to what to focus on when designing the composition for your environment game level.

Would really appreciate feedback and your thoughts to some of this and if you have any questions on thing's that I didn't cover feel free to ask :smile: 

Thank you for taking the time to give it a read!
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