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AK-74 textures

polycounter lvl 4
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herringscott polycounter lvl 4
okay, i'm new still getting used to texturing my models and this is a far cry from finished. So I really need to get schooled on my metal textures because I want this for my portfolio and need it to look photo-real within reason.

I'm having trouble mostly with the red-orangey color of my stock, magazine, and grips. It's a plastic called Bakelite and I don't know how to texture it. For that matter i'm having trouble painting my metal, too because I want it to be worn, but not rusty.

If anyone knows of any good tutorials for photo-real painting or texturing that could help me, I would be most grateful. Any help is appreciated!


  • Doomathon
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    Doomathon polycounter lvl 4
    Are you wanting to use ZBrush to paint all the textures? If that's the case, then try searching for "Projection Master" tutorials for painting in photo-based normal map details like text, and scratches and such. Also try searching for "Spotlight" tutorials as well. That's more for taking a photo reference, like metal for example, and painting that image directly onto the mesh. I hope that's what you were asking for!

    Good luck and keep at it!!
  • herringscott
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    herringscott polycounter lvl 4
    Thank you very much! I'm looking into it now. Sorry for the late response. I really appricate your response
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