Child Character (Stylised) - Critiques and Comments sought Maya/Arnold

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I'm doing a childs head character and wanted to post updates here and request any feedback or critiques.  

I'm modelling in Maya, and Rendering With Arnold.

The topology i'm pretty happy with save adding or deleting an edge loop or so.
The form keeps getting mushed around as I rethink the placement so there are messy bits everywhere.  i'd like to start locking the form down and cleaning it up.

Everythings UV'd and I have base maps down, though I expect to redo these, but hoping the values are in the right ballpark.

Notes on current:

  • Ears edges need cleanup
  • Ear form Needs resculpt (low prio)
  • Eye To cheekbone area is too squashed
  • Upper Chin needs to indent more
  • Eye Socket is deep oly on the upper inner area
  • Chin to nose area is uneven, moustache area too  long, mouth too low.
  • Head coming to a point too strongly, looks like triangle from above.
I also have uvs, textures and materials blocked in, but probably best to focus on the geo first.

thanks in advance for any thoughts shared



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