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[RIG] Car trajectory automated by front wheels position.

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SaWDo polycounter lvl 3
Hi everyone,
I'm a fresh beginner into rigging and I'm looking for some help :smile:
I started to rig a car I modeled a while ago. I play a lot with driven key and controllers and I started to set some expressions to automatize wheels with the car translation.
I wanted to make the car follow the direction of the wheels when the car translate.
I searched all over the web for some help without any true answers.

So I tested to make an expression with a ratio between the rotation of the general controller with it translation.
It didn't work very fine :smiley:

If a good fellow could help me in his freetime, I'll be more than happy :smile:

Thanks for your time and your help and sorry for my poor english :wink: 


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