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UDK - Biohazard Corridor Environment

polycounter lvl 7
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crys polycounter lvl 7
Hi everyone!

I'm new on this forum and I want to show you my last personal work, a playable environment inspired by Biohazard 2 (1998).
I started to learn UDK (UE3) with this project and some others tools like Substance Designer and UVLayout.
Some other images are visible on my site as well as the video in better quality. If you are interested you can also download the "playable demo".

Any comment or suggestion is welcome! Thanks!



  • CarlK3D
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    CarlK3D polycounter lvl 7
    wow, 10/10 stuff. Only thing that stood out to me that perhaps didn't match the quality of the rest was the sedan cars, they seem a little low poly but only from the individual prop render, since they are mostly hidden in the scene It's fine.

    Any reason you choose UDK over UE4? perhaps you're just more experienced with UDK right now?
  • nickcomeau
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    nickcomeau polycounter lvl 4
    Really interesting scene you set up! I agree though, why UDK instead of UE4? Also, is there anything else you're looking to add? Or is this finished? Not to say it doesn't look finished, I'm just curious if you had anything else planned to go into this.
  • RobeOmega
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    RobeOmega polycounter lvl 10
    I second what people are asking about your use of UDK over UE4. 

    In addition I feel that your images are lacking contrast between the lights caused by the brightness of the moon being too much. Although the GIF maker I have used has crushed some of the blacks to be darker than I intended and messed up some of the colours I still feel it highlights what I am talking about.

    This makes more focal points where you have lights and makes the scene less washed out if you know what I mean.
  • crys
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    crys polycounter lvl 7
    Thank you for your comments!
    I'm sorry I don't speak english very well.
    I used UDK instead of UE4 because I started this project one year ago during my free time and I had to learn everything. I'd already started work with UDK before UE4 became "free" so I decided to finish it with UDK.

    CARLK3D: The outside is not a playable area, the cars as well as the buildings are part of the background and I didn't want to have bad surprises with the puddles realtime reflections (whole street surface).

    NICKCOMEAU: for now I've no plans to add something else, I actually work on a new scene with UE4 and another graphic style.

    ROBEOMEGA: I know what you mean, I'll try to improve it :)
  • Mr. Darko
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    Mr. Darko polycounter lvl 4
    Looks great. You've definitely nailed the classic Resident Evil feel.
  • B.O.W.
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    B.O.W. greentooth
    Very good! If you upgrade to UE4, it's great.
  • Doomathon
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    Doomathon polycounter lvl 4
    I agree with Robeomega, the lighting could use some work to really push the mood to another level. Other than that, great work! Definitely nailed the creepy factor :)
  • crys
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    crys polycounter lvl 7
    Thanks you all!

    ROBEOMEGA, DOOMATHON, what I did :
    - ColorLookupTable (gamma, color/saturation)
    - HeightFog (density, height, falloff and distance)
    - FogVolume added in the corridor (for density control inside and on the outside)
    - some light parameters
    - rebuild all lights

    And I'm probably going to upgrade this work to UE4 soon :)

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