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Bust - Sketchfab

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LuisCherubini interpolator
Hi, I'm experiencing a little with sketchfab PBR recently, this was my first test. Any tips to improve the marble and plinth materials? Criticism is always appreciated.


  • seandxyz
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    seandxyz polycounter lvl 5
    Personally i think it would look better if the bottom of the the top mesh was clean cut, the curvy edges doesn't fit right with me..look into substance designer/painter or quixel for making materials. here some thoughts..

    Portfolio: seandxyz.com
  • LuisCherubini
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    LuisCherubini interpolator
    Thanks, the face is supposed to have no further information like that by it's nature. I thought about making the bottom of the bust clean cut after seen some references, but I arbitrarily left it like that. I'd like to use something like this marble texture for the plinth:

    Marble Texture photo black-marblejpg

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