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I created a new Thread on the Allegorithmic Forum but noone answered me :/
I have a problem with the UV maps, it shows everytime the cutlines on the 3D model like on the 2. picture.
And now I fight with this problem since 3 days but I can't help me.

My Workflow:
Blender/Maya 1. picture
-> Create a model
-> Unwrap, maybe set colors for the material set
-> Export as fbx or obj

Substance Painter 2. picture
-> New
-> Select my fbx or obj
-> Select DirectX on Normal map format
-> Resolution of 1024 and push OK

The result are this ugly lines with both 3d modelling programms.
If I use a brush and add some height information and export this texture, you can see the result on the 3 picture.
If I import the model direclty from Blender/Maya in unity, I dont have the problem.

I think I do something wrong but what...

Please help me and sorry for my bad engli:disappointed :D


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