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Hey Everyone,

I'm Raul, a 3D character artist / 3D generalist, graduating as a Game Art & Design student.  I can use some feedback on my portfolio, and I was hoping you guys could help me with this.

Portfolio: www.rauldeleonart.com



  • pmiller001
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    pmiller001 greentooth
    Hi Raul!
    congratulations on making it this far, it only gets more exciting from this point :smile: 

    On to your portfolio:
    Lotus temple- I'd say it looks too busy, either find a focus, or change up the lighting so i can see things in the scene. (Preferably both).
    PBR Textures- i'm not too knowledgable on these, but they look good so far. I think presentation is what i'd look at regarding these. 
    Baldur-Very nice. I see you said you retepoed it. Show us. Break it down. IF you're going to show him without the armor, show the whole body. It looks like you're trying to cheat if you dont. 
    Witches- IF this is a material study, I cant really comment on it. However if you're trying to show off your modeling, go back and do it again, or take it out. Its not really working right now. Neither are those fibers for their hair. 
    Ryan- Very nice, wish I could see a higher resolution image. Whats with the lighting on the bottom image?
    Shaman- Super into it. A HQ render of this is what you need.
    Krysf- get rid of those colors, it looks really unfinished. The models not bad, Change up the lighting so we can see all those sweet surface details. 

    smallshack/street corner- These are pretty basic assets. The lighting is pretty wack right now :neutral:  Change these into Maquettes so they really stand out, and dont look like you didnt put any thought to their presentation. 

    WIREFRAMES: is what id put on all of these, I wanna see your thought process and ability!

    I wouldnt leave the illustrations in there, your 2d work doesnt look as good as your 3d work. 
    I hope this helps sir! good luck
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